Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment


Bennett Vision recognizes the impact dry eyes have on a patient’s life.  From mild irritation and discomfort with contact lens wear to diminished vision, chronic infection and lost wages, dry eye can have a devastating impact on quality of life.

Dr Bennett will take an extensive history of medications you are taking that may play a role in tear production.  She will also have the glands in your eyelids scanned and she can show you if they are functioning or not.  She can detect Ocular Surface Disease during her examination that prevents the cornea from wetting well, or Acne Rosecea that affects oil production in your lids.

After determining the cause or causes of your dry eye, she will offer treatments in a step-wise fashion that begins with lubrication with the best moisture drop for your type of dry eye and modifications in your environment that may be exacerbating the condition.  She may also suggest dietary supplements or changes in your diet to decrease systemic inflammation which is known to produce dry eyes.

If your symptoms continue, she may prescribe punctal plugs to decrease the amount of tears lost to drainage.  She may also prescribe heated compresses and lid massage to unclog the Meibomian glands of your lids.  Dr. Bennett often utilizes adjunct medications like Restasis or Xiidra to increase tear production.

There are newer therapies that include Lipoflo treatments, autologous serum, and amniotic disc treatments that can be used for severe cases.

If you are suffering from dry, gritty, watery eyes or blurry vision, you may have dry eyes.  Please call our office for an evaluation.

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